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Calming Blankets for Dogs

If you hate seeing your pup suffer from anxiety and wish there was a way you could help them experience a sense of calm, you’re in luck. Our calming blanket for dogs with anxiety is the #1 choice among pet parents like yourself. Treat them to their new favorite blanket and say goodbye to anxiety attacks once and for all!

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Help Your Pup Beat Anxiety With Our Calming Blanket For Dogs

Does your dog suffer from anxiety or restlessness? Chances are, they do - whether you realize it or not. In fact, over 23 million dogs suffer from anxiety - and those are just the pups that get a diagnosis. As proud pet parents of anxious dogs, we decided to do something about it - and have a full catalog of products to help you and your pup experience peace and relaxation. While you may be familiar with our beds and treats, our dog anxiety blanket is an incredible way to really help your pup experience bliss and relaxation.

Now, you can leave the house with peace of mind knowing your furry friend is still able to relax while you’re gone. No more struggling with the guilt of leaving them overnight - no more lying awake as they whimper from the noises they’re hearing outside. It’s time you and your dog both experienced some relaxation - and our calming blanket is one of the best ways to do just that! Shop now and see the difference for yourself - or read on to learn more about why our Pup Snuggler is so pawesome.

Why Our Pup Snuggler Is The Best Calming Blanket For Dogs With Anxiety

We know what you’re thinking - what makes this dog anxiety blanket different from the other throw blankets laying around my house? Does it really help stave off anxiety attacks? It’s true - pet parents like you have gotten remarkable results using just the blanket - but for best results, pair it with our beds.

While this waterproof throw blanket looks incredibly laying on the couch or the foot of your bed, it’s not just about appearance. It’s incredibly comfortable, and sure to be your four-legged friend's go-to blanket from here on out. One of the reasons our dog anxiety blanket is unlike any other is how easily you can clean it. With a machine-washable exterior, getting that funky stench of your dog out of the fabric is simple and fast. Just be sure to brush and fluff up the faux fur afterward to get that same comfortable, calming effect for your pup! 

This is the best way to protect your home from dog hair, spills, dirt, scratch damage, and more - all while helping them achieve a sense of calm. What more could you ask for? Shop now and treat your best friend to the comfort and relaxation they deserve. 

Get A Bed To Match That Dog Anxiety Blanket!

Our calming blanket for dogs is a great gift for your pup - but, for the most effective anxiety relief, take a look at our calming dog beds. These are the #1 way to prevent anxiety attacks and beat restlessness for good. We also have treats that can help settle their nerves and get them to relax - shop all we have to offer at Lucky Paws and help your pup live a calmer, happier lifestyle!