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Calming Dog Beds

You hate leaving your furry friend at home alone - but you can help them stay calm and comfortable while you’re out with our calming dog beds. These soothing dog beds are the perfect choice for your anxious pup. Proven to minimize anxiety attacks, soft to the touch, and built to last - treat them to our pawesome section of beds, blankets, and treats today!

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Give Your Furry Friend The Comfort They Deserve With Our Calming Dog Beds

Over 23,000,000 dogs in the US Suffer from anxiety - and chances are, your dog could be one of them. Perhaps you already know this. But, there is nothing you can do about the fact that you have to leave them at home alone sometimes. And, you can’t prevent your neighbors from setting off fireworks around the holidays. The point is, you can’t stop your dog from being exposed to stressors - but what you cando is help them stay calm and comfortable with calming beds for dogs. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

At Lucky Paws, we treat our furry friends as part of the family - and chances are, you do too. If so, you can’t stand seeing them in distress. You want the very best for them - and our comfort dog begs are just at - the best of the best. It’s time to make anxiety attacks and insomnia a thing of the past - give them the gift of peace and good sleep with our calming dog beds. Shop now - or keep reading to learn about what makes our soothing dog beds the #1 choice among pet parents like yourself.

What Makes Our Soothing Dog Beds The #1 Choice?

There is a reason our comfort dog beds have gone viral - they’re proven to ease anxiety by helping ground your pup. The raised rim on our flagship model creates a sense of security and positively activates the nervous system. The end result? Your four-legged friend is able to relax easily, calm down quickly, and sleep soundly. They win, and so do you! You’ll enjoy peace of mind leaving them home alone during the day or overnight. No need to stress over anxiety attacks anymore.

But, that’s not the only reason our calming beds for dogs are so pawesome. They’re filled with extra stuffing to allow the ultimate comfort - which is furthered by the super soft faux fur we use on the exterior. It’s hypo-allergenic and dust resistant, too. And with removable and washable covers, you can keep the bed fresh no matter how stinky your pup gets. Plus, the high-quality zippers and materials ensure that this soothing dog bed will last longer than other beds.

We’re so confident you and your dog are going to love this bed that we offer a 30-day furry friend guarantee! You’ve got nothing to lose.

The Different Types Of Comfort Dog Beds We’ve Created

You can find our flagship model - the Pooch Pouch - in a few different colors that are sure to blend in well with any space in your home. While our Pooch Pouch is our most popular calming dog bed, it’s not the only style we offer. If you are sick of your dog laying on your couch and neglecting that nice bed you’ve bought them, upgrade to our Couch Cuddler. It’s everything pet parents love about our Pooch Pouch but sits easily up on your couch, keeping hair off your soda. We also have the Calming Cloud - an orthopedic soothing bed worth looking at as well. 

Calming Beds For Dogs Are Just Part Of What We Offer

Along with calming beds for dogs, we’re also excited to introduce you to our lineup of calming blankets for dogs. These are a great choice for those anxious pups that love to snuggle up. And, we have anti-anxiety treats that are a great choice for the occasional bouts of anxiety that your pup will incredibly encounter every now and then. Shop the full catalog here at Lucky Paws and help your four-legged friends live an anxiety-free life!