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1. We've shipped 32,018 beds to 1,116 U.S. cities
2. Every bed is backed by a 30 day warranty

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs worldwide...

Dog's are our best friends, loyal companions for life.

Always positive, they never let us down, loving unconditionally, improving our mood and wellbeing daily.

Unfortunately, 40% of dogs in America suffer anxiety at one point in their lives...

Our dogs can’t say how they feel, but they can show it.

Barking, pacing, shivering, cowering, destroying furniture or gardens, not eating, excessive licking, chewing or being forever restless.

Medication is an option, but should be used as a last resort...

Our Pooch Pouch 'Anti-Anxiety' Calming Beds are an all-natural, drug-free remedy.

Carefully designed to build your dog's confidence and relieve anxiety naturally.

Trusted by thousands of Pawrents and their dogs globally...

All-natural, non-toxic, easy to clean and ultra comfy.

Our beds are trusted to relieve anxiety, whilst maximizing your dog's comfort, security and sleep.

Made for a happier, healthier life...

Your mood and mental health matters too...

Reduce stress, worry and fatigue, live a happier, healthier life with your best-friend.