How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

How many beds should a dog have? That sounds like a funny question for most people, but for dog lovers, it is a sensible one. You know all about the joys and pains of owning a dog. Many would even say it is so much like raising a human being. You provide for their needs, you make sure they are taken care of, and you go out of your way just to make sure they are happy and healthy. And, a huge part of that is ensuring your pet has enough beds.

Your four-legged friend occupies your mind all day, and even your friends and colleagues get sick of how much you talk about them. 

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone - we’re all crazy about our pets! Waltz through our garage and you’ll find a box filled with different collars, sacks of dog food, and cartons after cartons of dog treats. Watch out for all the toys laying around, too! Passing by the porch, you might find a dog bed. As you step into the living room, you’ll find another. And as you finally get seated in the den, you spot another one. You begin to wonder just about how many dogs live here...but the pet is actually an only child!

Wait - multiple dog beds? For just one dog? 

This leads to the question at hand today. How many dog beds should a dog have anyway? Let’s discuss! First, does your dog really need more than one bed?

Does Your Dog Really Need More Than One Dog Bed?

Who can tell for sure? Dogs aren’t known to put into words their wishes. But, they have their own way of expressing what they feel, and it’s always so easy to decipher if they are happy or otherwise. So from the bits of insights culled from stories of various dog owners and certified dog lovers, we present to you the pros and cons of having more than one dog bed. 

Advantages of Having More Than One Bed for Your Dog

Dogs are territorial creatures, they always like having their own spot anywhere they go. So if you have a huge house and your dog hangs out in every part of the house, then it might be a good idea to keep a different dog bed in each part of the house where your dog is most likely to nap or sit still and philosophize about life. That way, you don’t have to bring it out for the pup wherever it decides to lounge around. Lugging around a single bed to various rooms is a chore no pet owner wants to deal with.

Another reason why you must have more than one dog bed is that your dog will need one every night. But, you also must wash its bed at least once a week to keep it clean and fresh. While you wait for the other dog bed to be completely dry, it would be great to have a spare that your pup can use in the meantime. And as soon as the other one dries, you can go and wash the other. 

In addition, having more than one dog bed would also prolong the wear and tear of the material. 

Disadvantages of Having More Than One Bed for Your Dog

The only real disadvantage of having more than one dog bed is having to buy them. Seriously, just the cost. If you really think about it though, cost and value are two different things. And dog owners would tell you that the value of having more than one dog bed for their pup far outweighs the cost. Here’s why:

Why Having One Dog Bed & Moving it From Room to Room isn’t a Good Idea

It is a well-established fact that dogs can be territorial. They like to mark their territory, as evidenced by the many instances of owners catching them in the act of sniffing certain spots followed by taking a leak on the very same spot. 

Since dogs like to have their own spot, it would be ideal for their owners to make sure they can relax and be comfortable in whichever corner they pick in every room in the house. Naturally, owners would make it a point to transfer their dog’s bed to the part of the house they choose to hang out. Now, this is not something you can keep doing, at least not happily. 

Not to mention that you would also be in danger of bringing along with you to the next room, dust and other fragments of dirt where the sole dog bed was lying around previously. So if having just one dog bed is not the wisest idea, one couldn’t help but wonder, exactly how many dog beds should a dog have? Let’s take a look at the key factors at play.

Factors Affecting How Many Beds Should A Dog Have

Here are the variables that dog owners must consider in deciding how many beds should a dog have…

Age & Breed

Did you pick up your dog when it was still a puppy? Or did you rescue it from the pound when it was already a full-grown adult dog?

These are things that you have to consider when deciding on the number of dog beds for your pup. If you got it when it was still a puppy and its breed is one that grows huge, then you will probably want to get a smaller one at first and then proceed into buying more dog beds that are bigger and will allow your growing dog to fit nicely. 

Is Your Dog Crated Throughout the Day?

If your dog is crated all day, you might think that it would be best to just get one dog bed. After all, they would just be staying in one place. But that isn’t the case. 

A dog crated all day entails a dog bed that reeks of a mingled smell of dog food and dog urine. Not to mention that it will most probably be drenched after all the water spilled from the aggressive water slurping from its bowl. 

Obviously, a dog cannot be comfortable in an environment like that as they like to keep clean. They’ll grow restless if you don’t take care of this. And you’ll most probably just end up dealing with having to calm an anxious dog

So this means that in order to make your pup feel comfortable, you need more than just one dog bed. 

Do You Have A Vacation Home You Visit Frequently? 

If you have a vacation home you visit frequently, say, every month (or even every few months), then it would be inconvenient to keep bringing your dog’s bed with you each time. 

Having a couple of beds for your one dog in each of the houses you own will save you time and energy. Also, it helps you avoid the inconvenience of having to drive back if you happen to forget your dog’s bed. 

So, How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

Our recommendation is that dogs should have a bed in every room they frequent. This number will depend on your unique home and the character and preferences of your pet.

Your dog’s general nature and disposition must also be considered. Some might just need one bed - or, maybe it’s 2-3. If you have a vacation house, you’ll want at least one bed there. The point is that you need enough dog beds so that you don’t have to move a bed every time your dog wants to relax in a different room in the house with you.

What if I Have Multiple Dogs in My House?

Each dog needs its own bed - sharing doesn’t work, at least not in the long run. Trust us on this. 

As established, dogs are territorial creatures. They don’t like sharing a spot, and they certainly don’t want to share a bed. If you don’t want to be inconvenienced by frequent dog fights and non-stop barking in the middle of the night, give each dog a bed of its own. 

Give Them the Quality Dog Beds They Deserve at Lucky Paws

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Isn’t that nice? Especially for busy fur parents who love their dogs but also don’t have the energy to endure a nightly bout with anxiety in their pup. 

How Many Beds Should a Dog Have? Wrapping Things Up

Fur parents will eventually see for themselves that getting quality dog beds will greatly improve the quality of their dog’s rest. And of course, for people who genuinely care about the welfare and happiness of their dogs, any improvement in a dog’s health and disposition generally improves theirs as well. 

Looking to make a great investment today? Shop for calming dog beds at Lucky Paws this instant! If you’re still on the fence as to how many dog beds a dog should have, just remember how much you love that precious little pup of yours. 

Yes, that many dog beds for that much love. 

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