How To Wash Dog Beds: What Pet Parents Need To Know

How To Wash Dog Beds

When it comes to taking care of our precious pets, we go all out. Our dogs are not just our pets, after all, they are family– and we take care of our family the best way we can. We pick the healthiest dog food, we bring them to the vet regularly, we take them out for walks, and we give them treats. We even spend significant hours of our days cuddling and bestowing upon them the love that they always seem to yearn for. 

You would give your pets the world if you could. And you do, despite the fact that sometimes, giving your furry friends the world means not being afraid to get your hands dirty. Like when you have to pick up litter, sweep up your dog’s shedded fur, and of course, when you have to wash their dog beds. 

A dog’s bed is its territory, it is its sacred space. Although it is a known fact that dogs are very affectionate and even clingy creatures, they do need their own space sometimes. And when they have become accustomed to having their own bed, you will find them lounging on it all day long. This is why it is important that dog owners clean their dog beds on the regular. All that cuddling your pup does on the bed will eventually contribute to a dirty, stinky bed.

That’s why we’re going to teach you how to wash dog beds today - including how often to wash dog beds. First things first, though - do you really need to wash your dog’s bed? Let’s take a look.

Do You Really Need To Wash Dog Beds?

Yes - this is something that needs to be done routinely. Think of it as maintaining your dog’s hygiene, too. Remember, dogs are not rational creatures. They have no concept of clean and dirty. They will dive head first into anything that seems fun and lay flat on their stomachs on anything that feels comfortable to them. They are notorious for finding filth and rolling around in it - with a happy and contented smile on their adorable little faces along the way.

The responsibility, therefore, to wash and maintain those dog beds’ cleanliness falls on us, dog owners. And if you’re wondering why you need to learn how to wash dog beds, keep reading!

Why You Need To Learn How To Wash Your Dog’s Bed

Learning how to wash your dog’s bed isn’t all that tricky. Dog beds come at certain costs. If you invest in a good one, it is crucial that you learn how to maintain it so your dog may use and enjoy it for a longer period of time. You need to get a good understanding of the materials used for your dog beds. It is also important that you know how to get rid of the odors and other dirt that have accumulated on the material because not being able to do so would mean that you are not really cleaning your dog’s bed. 

First Things First - How Often To Wash Dog Beds?

Before we can teach you how to wash a dog bed, we need to discuss a different topic first - how often to wash dog beds. 

So, really, how often must you wash your dog’s bed? A good rule of thumb would be to wash at least once every two weeks. The main point of having a dog bed is for your pup to lie around, feel relaxed, safe, and happy. But it is vital for a dog’s health to stay somewhere clean, too. So tossing their dog bed in the wash at least once every two weeks might prevent stench and other bacteria from growing, and your precious fur babies can enjoy their beds for far longer. 

How To Wash Dog Beds: Step By Step Guide For Pet Parents

The directions for washing dog beds vary. For dog beds that have non-removable covers, you can follow these steps:


There may be sediments of dirt or balls of fur that are stuck on the surface of your dog’s bed. Before you think of soaking the thing in water, vacuum it up first to remove solid dirt and shedded fur. 


In a large basin, put water up to maximum capacity to completely submerge the dog bed. Add laundry detergent, but make sure it is non-toxic as your beloved dog will use it as soon as it is dry. 


Once you have filled the large basin with water and poured the detergent, time to soak the bed. Leave it there for 15 minutes the most. Let the non-toxic detergent rid it of bacteria and other dirt that was not removed by the vacuum. 


After soaking, grab a sturdy brush and start scrubbing it all over. Focus on where there are stains, but make sure to scrub even the ones that appear unsoiled for they may still have some lingering dirt that is bad for your dog’s health. 

Use a smaller brush for corners that cannot be reached by your big brush. Trust your instincts when you start wondering if it’s clean enough. 


When you feel that you have thoroughly brushed the entire thing, it’s time to put it under running water for rinsing. Squeeze or brush off the remaining detergent. 

Rinse as many times as you feel necessary. 


Finally, you’ve finished rinsing the bed. Now, leave the bed in a warm and sunny place to dry. It is important that it drys fast. Otherwise, there will be an odor that will have you wondering if you did more harm than good with the wash. Plus, sunlight kills bacteria too. 

Meanwhile, the process of cleaning dog beds with removable covers closely resembles the process in cleaning the ones with non-removable covers. However, given their obvious difference, some steps are just a little different. For dog beds with removable covers, try the following steps:


Whether your dog bed has a removable cover or not, you always have to vacuum first as this step is key to getting rid of the sediments stuck in the material that would only get more difficult to wash off once soaked in the water. 


This is similar to the second step in washing dog beds with removable covers. Soaking your dog’s bed with non-toxic detergent is allowing the detergent to perform its important task first, which is to kill off bacteria. This is why soaking is a vital process in washing both types of dog beds.  


This is the difference between a dog bed with a removable cover, and one with non-removable cover. For removable covers, you can machine wash. And at the highest temperature possible, to kill off bacteria. You can use additional rinse cycles to make sure you have washed off all detergent. 


Since it can be machine washed, it can be machine dried too. Although, you might want to use the low heat settings as extreme heat can damage the material of your dog bed. 


This is pretty straightforward. It is important you clean your machine after using it to wash your dog’s bed. You wouldn’t want whatever dirt washed off of your dog’s bed to still be there the next time you use the same machine to wash your own clothes. 

Tips To Help You Keep Your Dog Beds Fresh & Clean

To keep your dog’s bed as fresh and clean as possible, keep in mind that there are a few things you can do: 

One, you can tap it out in the yard each day to remove dust and dirt. Doing so would prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on your dog’s bed. 

Two, vacuuming it might also help. Tapping it out in the yard is the manual way to do it. If that’s too hard, don’t be afraid to employ the mighty power of electricity in ridding your dog’s bed of dust and dirt. 

Third, you may also use fresheners that are safe for furry friends. Tapping it out in the yard or vacuuming it would make it feel clean, using fresheners will make it smell clean, too. 

Lastly, don’t forget that if your pup is kept clean with frequent baths, it should follow that their dog bed would be clean as well. So give your dog quick showers regularly to keep them and the spaces they inhabit clean and fresh.

Want To Treat Your Dog To A New Bed?

You can wash your dog bed as frequently as possible - nevertheless, it will eventually need to be replaced. Whether it loses its comfort or starts to become “uncleanable, upgrading your dog's bed is something you’ll have to do on a routine schedule. And when that time comes, there is only one place to shop: Lucky Paws. Our soothing dog bed is the #1 choice among pet parents - particularly those with anxious, restless pups. 

Studies have shown that in the United States alone, there are over 23,000,000 dogs diagnosed with anxiety. Our dog beds are most helpful in alleviating anxiety among pups as they are made of materials that ensure this. 

Our Pooch Pouch Anti-Anxiety Calming Bed for Dogs is proven to ease anxiety as it helps ground and relax your furry friends. The raised rim creates a sense of security and positively activates the nervous system, allowing your pooch to relax more easily, calm down quickly, and sleep more soundly. It also offers superior comfort since the premium natural fiber filling offers joint and muscle pain relief, while the raised rim provides better head and neck support. The round shape and deep crevices of our Pooch Pouch allow your pet to burrow, making it ideal for pets who love to curl up! 

Moreover, it is soft to the touch, it almost feels like your own hand comforting your dog. It is cozy, flexible, and complete with a vegan faux fur finish. 

Add A Blanket So They Can Really Cozy Up!

That’s not all, though - we also have something for the extra snuggly pups. Our dog anxiety blanket helps keep them warm and cozy - while fending off anxious thoughts and behavior so you both get a good night’s rest. The Cozy Cuddler Calming Blanket gives the gift of snuggles to your fur kids, with the Cozy Cuddler™ - Calming Blanket. This beautiful snugly blanket is crafted with premium-grade faux fur with a classy design and luxurious look. Its double-sided texture with fluffy padding makes it reversible too! 

It is anti-anxiety, which means it instantly calms and soothes your fur baby with its ultra-breathable and soft feel, providing an indulgent night’s sleep. It’s also easy tp c;eam, as it is completely safe in the washing machine and dryer (Machine wash - gentle cycle. Tumble dry - low heat). It also has a versatile design– you can turn your living room into an inviting space with this simple yet elegant design; you can drape it over a chair, couch, or bed to add an exotic stylish touch to your home when not in use.

Final Thoughts On How To Wash Dog Beds

In this article we may have provided you with quantifiable tips in washing your dogs’ beds. But if you really think about it, when it comes to taking care of our beloved pets, it all boils down to the depth of our concern and love for our precious little friends. The more we love them, the crazier are the things we do for them, and the more astoundingly expensive they can be, too!

Wash your dog’s bed once a week, or as often as you’d like. That all comes from our love for them, and our love often knows no bounds. And when the time comes to upgrade their bed, there is only one place to shop if you really love your pup. At Lucky Paws, of course! 

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